Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thurs Jan 22nd - What I'm Eating

Wow, today has been a very long day - I will try to remember everything.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with mozzarella cheese. (I should have had some whole grain and/or veggies here but I was in a hurry...)

Snack: orange and string cheese

Lunch: whole wheat pasta with pomodoro sauce and a little cheese. salad with spinach, eggs, olives and blue cheese dressing. whole wheat pasta with beer cheese sauce (this was admittedly an unneccesary indulgence.) We ate out at Spaghetti Works.

Snack: banana (should have had a combo here too, but I was on the road and had nothing else)

Dinner: cheeseburgers with Ezekiel sprouted whole grain buns, lettuce, tomato, safflower mayo, ketchup. steamed broccoli.

water all day, pills before bed.

Analysis: well I got my exercise running around the Capitol today... We did eat out for lunch, but considering I got whole wheat pasta and steered clear of the jello and chocolate pudding on the salad bar, I think I did pretty good. Dinner was surprisingly filling - I wasn't hungry when I got home from work at around 10, though now that I've been sitting here for a while, I am starting to think about food...maybe I'll grab a little snack before bed. Wow, maybe if I went to bed earlier, it would cut out those late night snacks - if I'm sleeping, I'm not eating! Its like two birds with one stone!

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