Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sun Jan 25th - What I'm Eating

Breakfast: the last of the Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds that my sister left here...I had to get rid of it...with whole milk

Lunch: homemade pizza on cornmeal crust with tomato sauce, canadian bacon and pineapple

Snack: apple and string cheese

Dinner: BBQ pork roast, leftover sweet potatoes, garlic sauteed green beans.

Snack: leftover lamb curry with yogurt sauce and cous cous

Analysis: Yikes, the cereal this morning was my biggest cheat since I started this blog. It was calling my name and there was only one serving left, so I decided to punish it by annihilating it. Now this evening I've done my reading up on grains and man am I feeling guilty. So help me, I'm never eating anything like that again! Wow, that is a huge statement for me - in my past life, there would be days where I would eat nothing but cereal.

It is very scary making public proclamations about commitments to strange habits, but if I stick with it, I guess as time goes by it will be less strange. The public part makes me more likely to stick with it...(that's the idea, anyway) I have a long way to go in making all the changes I want to achieve, but I'm on the track... Its really an emotional process - fear of the unknown, grief in letting go of the memories and comforts that are wrapped up in those foods I'm saying goodbye to, anxiety at not knowing how I'll meet the needs that those foods used to address...look at the trouble we get into with emotional attachments to food! But who can help it? Food is an intrinsic part of our social life, and it affects the hormone systems that make us feel various ways as well. Its psychological, and also chemical... Its not too hard when you are feeling strong and resilient, but when you are sensitive or low, it gets challenging...

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