Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jan 2nd - What I'm Eating

OK, so I haven't exactly started my nutrition revolution yet as of today (yes, I know its technically tomorrow already...I'm a night owl, ok?) But I thought it would be useful to show you what I have been eating for the last long while, and I am being completely, brutally honest, in the spirit of accountability and in hopes of inspiring you to post what you ate too.

Breakfast: Went out to Village Inn. Had a Regular Combo (as opposed to large) with 2 strips of bacon, 2 over easy eggs, hash browns, and 3 multigrain pancakes with cranberries, almonds, and a wonderful sweet orange glaze syrup. I only ate half the eggs and hashbrowns, but I got extra syrup. I also drank 2 cups of decaf coffee with a total of 5 sugar packets and 5 little creamer things.

Lunch: um, I think I forgot this one... I did eat 3 macadamia nut chocolates from Hawaii, the ones with 2 nuts in each piece. Breakfast was kind of late, and kind of big, I suppose.

Dinner: Went out to an Irish pub restaurant. Had a Boxty (potato pancake) stuffed with ham, bacon, 2 kinds of cheese, and tomatoes, and topped with cream sauce. Gave most of the tomatoes to my kid. Also had an iceberg lettuce dinner salad with bleu cheese dressing. Drank water. Also I declined dessert - which is good because I usually cannot resist it.

Analysis: So today I didn't snack much, and what I did snack was candy. Both of which are not good. I need to snack more, on healthy things. Snacking helps keep your portion size at mealtimes under control because your blood sugar is more stable and you don't feel starving. Also we ate out twice today. Not good. To be fair, we've been out of town for 2 weeks and have no groceries in the house. We did go to the grocery store on the way home from dinner. My choices of food today contained a couple no-no's, namely, White Potatoes and White Sugar, but I did go for the multigrain pancakes, and I got some good protein with the eggs and meats and cheeses. I also did well in that I did not eat an entire theater-sized box of candy today. Or any ice cream. Or cake. Or pie. Or cookies. I definitely needed to do better on veggies though. Wow, I need more quality veggies - iceberg lettuce does not count.


  1. Wow Holly, this is great! I'm so excited for you. This whole thing is perfect. I love the blog. Your header is beautiful! Did you make it???

    I am really missing you these days. I wish I was back in O! so we could work on the whole exercise thing together. We could do Pilates at nap time!

    Oh well, kiss ReeRee for me.

  2. I miss you too Becca!!! Squeeze your kiddos for me too! I will totally be thinking of you whenever I do pilates at naptime - now if I were just at home during naptime...

    I did not make the blog template, are you kidding, I am way internet stupid! I found it on a cool site that my friend Annie used for her blog too: There are absolutely tons of cool templates on there.