Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fri Jan 23rd - What I'm Eating

Midnight snack: so I did go ahead and eat some of that leftover lamb dish with the cous cous and yogurt sauce before bed - yum!

Breakfast: Ezekiel cereal with raisins, almonds, honey & whole milk

Snack: banana

Lunch: Leftover burger with all the same fixin's as last night

Snack: half a quesadilla, whole wheat tortilla with colby jack and grilled chicken

Dinner: Chicken Fricassee: cream sauce with onions, garlic, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, dijon mustard, and peas. Whole wheat shell pasta.

Analysis: I did a bad job of veggies again today. I am learning to love leftovers, which is a major milestone since I used to basically never eat them - I get bored of food very easily. You'll notice that I don't cook the same dishes over and over very often... Then again, I guess there's some things I do eat all the time like eggs, quesadillas, cereal, fruit, etc. I guess I just don't like to cook the same big dinner meals all the time... Wow, I'm tired and rambling.


  1. ok, so i didn't know and i finally looked it up. is this ezekiel bread?

    it looks terrible! what does it taste like?

  2. You are doing so well! Just wanted to pop in and let you know that I'm reading every day to see what you've had and get ideas for us, too!

  3. Michal, no, the Ezekiel bread is not terrible! Granted, its not Wonder Bread, but you get used to it. It tastes just like a heavy whole grain bread, you can't taste the lentils or anything weird.

    I guess this settles it! I will have to do a post tomorrow espousing the benefits of sprouted grains (and disparaging the evils of white flour...) It has been one of several topics I have been mulling around in my head but have not yet taken action on writing. This blog is sorely overdue for some additional expounding!