Monday, January 12, 2009

Sun Jan 11 - What I'm Eating

Breakfast: leftover multigrain pancake with butter and a little real maple syrup. scrambled eggs with colby-jack cheese. water and pills.

Lunch: apple, string cheese, a few blue corn chips and a couple of slices of salami. water.

Snack: a few more slices of salami and a few more blue corn chips.

Dinner: pork chop grilled with fisherman's wharf seasonings. raw broccoli salad. unsweetened organic applesauce. water.

Snack: just a little Ezekiel granola (cinnamon raisin) with almonds and whole milk. water and pills.

Analysis: I loved dinner today! So delicious and satisfying! And there is plenty of broccoli salad left over for lunches... breakfast suffered the same issues as yesterday, as it was the same food as yesterday! I really need to pack better lunches for work, but I only have 15 minutes to eat, which is often cut into by other tasks I need to do as well...I should have brought some leftovers to heat up though. The salami is probably not the best, but we got it for Christmas and we are trying eat it up. Its probably full of nitrites though...oh well, its not a long term habit...

I really need to start going to be earlier! This morning, the little guy woke up puking all over our bed at 5:30 - we were hoping to have slept in until at least 8:30... Hubby did get up with him and let me sleep longer but it really threw my whole day off... I really just need to go to bed at a decent hour, and then I would be able to get up at a decent hour and actually have a morning! With that, off to bed I go.


  1. You are inspiring me! I left you some bloggy love on my flying blog.

  2. No one hurt me... but I was the one who threw away the last of Aunt Karen's fudge. It was too tempting to stay sitting on the kitchen counter. It does feel a little better to have it gone though! Hopefully in time we will be rid of all the unhealthy stuff sitting around the DLR house.

  3. Good for you Claire, I'm sure secretly everyone's thanking you! As yummy as fudge is, Christmas is over and we only need so much, that is to say, very little!