Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jan 4th - What I'm Eating

Breakfast: Coarse Cut Oatmeal with a little real maple syrup, raisins, almonds, flax seeds, cream and whole milk. I made what I thought was a fairly small bowl, and couldn't finish it! I took my pills too, with water.

Lunch: Got a little messed up due to sleeping in and my work schedule. So around 2 o'clock I ate a string cheese and a clementine orange. Water.

Snack: On my way home from work, I snacked on organic blue corn tortilla chips and hard salami.

Dinner: BBQ Pork Roast. Steamed Broccoli, lightly salted. Leftover Lemon Rice Pilaf. Water with EmergenC.

Snack: Sprouted grain English muffin from Food for Life, with butter and all- natural blackberry preserves. Grilled chicken. Water and my pills...

Analysis: Well my biggest problem on weekend days is that I tend to sleep in a bit and have a late breakfast, and then I teach a class from 12-4, which makes it tough to eat lunch at a proper time. I try to eat something during our 15 minute break but its hard. Its also hard to remember to plan ahead and have good healthy things available to bring with me. The dinner spread was much better tonight. For BBQ pork roast, we usually get a butt roast and pour a bottle of BBQ sauce over it in the crock pot. We use a locally made brand which is pretty decent, though it does contain regular corn syrup and sugar of course. We could probably find one without the corn syrup and maybe a more natural form of sugar, like honey. That being said, when you actually eat the meat, there is not that much sauce on it, and I don't add any extra (unlike my hubby, who likes a little meat with his sauce.)

I am having serious sugar cravings this evening, so I sprung for a little sweeter snack with the English muffin. Tomorrow I'll talk about my seemingly strange snack combinations though, because I doubt most of you would normally eat chicken with your toast...

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