Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Weds Jan 7th - What I'm Eating

Breakfast: Sprouted grain English muffin with butter and all-natural blackberry preserves. Celery and peanut butter. Water and pills...

Snack: Very Cherry Berry tea. The baby's leftovers from breakfast, which was sprouted grain corn tortilla with colby jack cheese and turkey.

Lunch: Ugh, I went out again! At Panera I had a half salad - Fuji Apple Chicken - and a small cup of garden vegetable soup. Water.

Dinner: Homemade enchiladas: whole wheat tortillas, ground beef, black beans,and colby jack cheese, and sauce with coconut oil, whole wheat flour, tomatoes, cumin, garlic, & onion powders. A little sour cream on top. Green beans. Water. (My enchilada sauce recipe always goes over well, so I can post it if anyone wants to try it.)

Snack: Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea, fig and sunflower crackers with provolone cheese. Pills and water before bed. (I write it here to remind myself!)

Analysis: Well darn it, I went out to eat again. I really had no choice, it was that or skip lunch entirely. Its becoming evident that this whole eating right thing is going to require a major re-org of all of my lifestyle habits. I need to learn how to anticipate, pack and bring food with me when I'm out. I need to be more careful of the baby's nap schedule so I don't get trapped in the car, like today. I need to plan way ahead what I'm going to cook and when I need to start preparing it, taking meat out of the freezer, etc. I need to make double sure I have all ingredients before I start cooking... Etc. Etc. I am a person who thrives on flexibility, so this is not easy for me!

On the sugar craving front, the herbal teas seem to be helping a little. Celestial Seasonings has a great selection of herbals and fruit-based teas that you don't have to add sugar to, and have a very satisfying flavor. Since I try to avoid caffeine (you think my toddler is already wild...keep in mind I am still nursing him!) and juice is just pure sugar, I always enjoy a nice fruity tea as an alternative beverage to water!

Last but definitely not least, I found my pilates DVD and did it this evening. Wow I am out of shape. That workout used to be so easy for me that I would do extra reps while the lady was talking... Yikes, tonight I had to go back and do all the beginning modifications. My flexibility is gone and my muscles were burning! I am looking forward to seeing my body change as I make it a regular habit, though.

Also on the body-care front, I went to the chiropractor today! I got the full tune up and she worked on my chronically bad right shoulder for a while. I am going to go every 2 weeks until my shoulder is doing better, and I think every month after that. In the past, that frequency has kept me feeling pretty good. If you don't have a chiropractor, I highly highly highly recommend it. They help with so much more than back pain! I have come to realize that chiropractic care is all about your autonomic nervous system. These are nerves you can't feel, but they control all your internal organs. So you won't have a pain if one of them is pinched, but the organs it controls can suffer and affect your overall well-being. (Did I mention I am a Biology/Anatomy and Physiology college instructor?) All chiropractors are not created equal, so I suggest getting a referral from a friend who likes theirs.


  1. Hey, sounds like your doing really well with all of this. Good for you!

    I saw something today that made me think of you: Christina Cooks on PBS. It was a FANTASTIC natural cooking show She seemed very Weston Price, though she never mentioned him. Her whole show today was about satisfying your sweet tooth in a healthy way. She talked a lot about the diabetes epidemic in the country and ways to beat it. You'd have loved her.

    Here's her website:

    Also: The other morning I pan fried apples in butter with cinnamon and nutmeg to have with our oatmeal. It was OH MY GOD GOOD. Maybe that would be a good cheat for you.

  2. Oh yea, could you post the enchilada sauce recipe? That sounds great.

  3. I would like the enchilada sauce recipe too!
    Did you know Black Cherry Berry and the blueberry teas from CS have soy lecithin in them?

  4. I'm so glad you are making these healthy changes in your life and blogging about them! I was just thinking today about my evil sugar addiction. I need to make some changes too, not as drastic as yours, but Becca made some comment about being able to eat pie when she was old, and at the rate I'm going, I'm sure to have diabetes all too soon. If I can at least reduce my sugars, that would be great. Keep us posted on what you are snacking on.

  5. Thanks guys! Becca, I'll have to check out that website, but maybe after the NFOM annual mtg tomorrow... ;)