Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sat Jan 24th - What I'm Eating

Breakfast: coarse cut oatmeal with raisins, whole milk and honey. Scrambled eggs with cheese.

Lunch: leftover chicken fricasee

Dinner: salmon baked with olive oil and Fisherman's Wharf seasoning, mashed sweet potatoes with butter, cream and maple syrup, and a huge green salad with my homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

Snack: whole wheat tortilla quesadilla with colby jack cheese and grilled chicken...

Analysis: yikes, I have slipped badly on my veggie intake. I have had an insanely busy last few days, and today my sister departed, so now I am going to be really on my own most of the time... I have also been very stressed out about some things, which doesn't help. At least I haven't fallen off the wagon and binged on anything sugary, though I tell you I have been tempted by various types of uber-sweet coffee drinks - mmm, sugar AND caffeine...I have not caved, though...


  1. Stay strong, Holly!

    I've been thinking of you and Dan. Have the test results come in? I hope that isn't what's stressing you. We need to catch up. When you have a free moment give me a call, and I'll do the same.

  2. Holly! ((HUG)) What's up? You are an inspiration to me :) such lovely food you make!