Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sat Jan 17th - What I'm Eating

Breakfast: 2 sprouted corn tortillas with colby jack cheese and grilled chicken. water.

Lunch: chicken noodle soup and a banana. water.

Dinner: Heartland BBQ - pork with no sauce. green beans. a little bit of baked beans. water.

Snack: a few more spiced prunes and yogurt. water.

Snack: cinnamon raisin Ezekiel cereal with almonds, honey and whole milk.

maybe I'll try my pills tonight...

Analysis: So I've been snacking up a storm tonight - I'm craving sweets and I'm giving in in the most "allowed" way possible - at least I haven't gone out and gotten ice cream or pie or something. Its really the first time I can say I've felt genuinely hungry without the fear of vengeance from my gut in the last several days. And yes, we did go out to eat again...we didn't get to cooking in time and we were all starving by the time we were able to do anything about it. That being said, I skipped the BBQ sauce, white bread buns, corn bread, potato salad, raspberry iced tea, etc. So you can see, I did pretty well staying on the rules even there!

Tomorrow I really really really want to do a different post - maybe a book review - there are several I want to do! I have been super busy with my teaching job and also the advocacy work I'm involved with, so I haven't had much spare time to sit and write. I think about it a lot though! Its coming! Stay tuned!

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