Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weds Feb 4th - What I'm Eating

Breakfast: sunny side up egg cooked with coconut oil, Ezekiel toast with butter and strawberry preserves, most of an apple (the little guy had some too...)

Lunch: tuna salad (with onion and celery) sandwich on "wheat bread" with lettuce, tomato, olives, pickles and about half a bowl of chicken broccoli noodle soup, which also had a little corn in it

Dinner: breaded chicken, gravy, tons of broccoli

Snack: plain organic whole milk yogurt with blueberries and agave syrup

Analysis: Today seemed to be a broccoli kind of day! We did eat lunch at the Capitol, hence the "wheat bread," at which you had to look really hard to tell if there was any whole wheat in it - I probably should have skipped it entirely... Otherwise, I did the best I could. The breaded chicken recipe was from one of my favorite books, Nourishing Traditions, and is a great alternative to fried chicken. I used fresh bread crumbs made in the food processor from Ezekiel bread and sauteed at quite a low heat with butter and olive oil...then I made a quick gravy from the drippings, but my gravy never turns out very good... The chicken didn't really need it though, it was tender and moist anyway! Oh well, the little guy had fun dipping in it - ah toddlers and their dipping... I wish I would have done something better for a starch/grain, but considering what I ate earlier in the day, I probably didn't need it. I could also have stood more variety in my veggies today and contemplated serving salad with dinner as well, but then I just didn't - I'm not sure why not...

In case you're curious, I have also been drinking water and taking my pills, it just seemed a bit silly to be writing it in every time... I had stopped the pills for a little while after I had the stomach flu, because the Metformin upsets my stomach a little and I was not brave enough to try it. I have been back on that for a while now though, so its all good. I think my pants seem to be getting slightly less tight, so I am relieved and I think all this is beginning to do its job...hopefully my metabolism is starting to heal slowly but surely. Sorry if this is too much information, but it is PCOS-related. I am happy to report that I experienced a normal length menstrual cycle for the first time in years, which is incredible! It was the first one since my son was born (18.5 months - yay breastfeeding!), but before that, I was totally irregular (therefore infertile) thanks to PCOS. Hopefully all this will help keep that regulated as well - a welcome improvement!

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