Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tues Feb 10th - What I'm Eating

Maybe I should not wait until so late at night to do this - I am having a hard time remembering this morning!

Breakfast: leftover enchiladas with sour cream

Lunch: Ezekiel toast with butter and strawberry preserves, cheddar cheese, and broccoli slaw

Dinner: Blue Planet Natural Grill turkey burger on whole wheat bun with mayo, organic baby spinach, tomato, all natural bacon, avocado, with steamed broccoli and one baked onion ring (stolen from my hubby)

Snack: banana and almonds

Analysis: a strange day of eating - no cooking, but I had to work all afternoon and evening... I am coming down with something - I have a sore throat... I hope it doesn't turn into what my little guy has - he is a coughing little snot-spewing mess! Off to take more echinacea and go to bed... I have tomorrow off so maybe I will finally get that milk post finished and put on here!

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