Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sun Feb 1st - What I'm Eating

Breakfast: Ezekiel cereal with raisins, almonds, honey and whole milk

Lunch: 2 Ezekiel corn tortilla quesadillas with cheese & chicken

Dinner: deviled eggs, artichoke dip, sourdough bread, a couple of macadamia nuts (not chocolate-covered...), one bite of homemade apple tart (only a tiny bit of the crust, mostly apples)

Analysis: I really didn't get any proper veggies today at all. Now I'm thinking of making a salad before bed! I have to get better about incorporating some at breakfast, then at least I'll be starting the day out right. I did the best I could at the Super Bowl party tonight - we brought both the eggs and the dip and bread, so I knew those were safe to eat. I could not resist a bite of the apple tart, but it was the least of the evils. There were chocolate-covered almonds on the coffee table all night, brownies, marshmallow-creme-filled chocolate cupcakes, jello jigglers, and ice cream, all of which I managed to avoid, through no small effort. I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but I technically do have a 3-bite exception for special occasion no-no items. I didn't even go that far tonight, I kept it to one bite! I am pretty proud of myself, but kind of sad at the same time, because it was an in-your-face reminder of what I'm missing out on, even though I know I'm better off without it all...

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