Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sun March 8th - What I'm Eating

Breakfast: smoothie with homemade kefir, whole milk, frozen mixed berries, banana, raw egg, and agave syrup

Lunch: leftover kale soup

Snack: 1 cube of cheese, some ritz-type crackers with some unknown cream cheese-based dips, a couple of strawberries, and 3 bites of cake

Dinner: Famous Dave's chopped pork, green beans, apples, corn, cornbread

Beverage: Panera Chai Tea Latte - it said it was sweetened with honey...

Snack: leftover whole wheat crust hawaiian pizza

Analysis: Breakfast was SO AWESOME!!!! I was afraid with the egg in it, it would taste weird or have a gross texture, but it was actually one of the best smoothies I've ever had! I swear you could have gotten it at Orange Julius! We went to a baby shower after lunch, hence the strange snack and the cake. I was able to employ the 3 bite rule quite successfully, but I probably should have abstained from the ritz-type crackers...there weren't really any better options though, besides eating nothing, and what fun is that? At dinner I shouldn't have eaten the cornbread, and probably not the apples either, but... I still need to get more veggies in all around, and we have got to stop eating out so much! Its hard when company is in town. On the up-side, I did give away the gluten/soy/dairy (but not sugar) free cookies I had made for the girls night out on I'm not eating those! Honestly they weren't even that good - a little underdone - but I would have eaten them all anyway if they had been here! Tomorrow I'm roasting the chicken that had been meant for yesterday - its been in the fridge - hopefully it's thawed by then!

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