Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mon March 9th - What I'm Eating

Sorry this is a little late...

Breakfast: smoothie with kefir, frozen mixed berries, banana, raw egg, raw honey

Lunch: leftover kale soup - its finally gone now!

Dinner: Roasted chicken and leftover vegetable trio - that is finally gone now too!

Snack: 4 fruit snacks made with 100% real fruit and no added sugar, small scoop of Mocha gelato from Whole Foods

Snack: 1 piece whole wheat crust hawaiian pizza

Analysis: I have to stop this late night eating! I am loving the breakfast smoothies, though - they hit my craving for sweet, but have plenty of protein, and I am so excited about all the extra vitamins and enzymes that I am getting from the kefir and the raw egg. I decided it didn't need the extra regular milk...

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