Monday, March 2, 2009

Sun March 1st - What I'm Eating

Breakfast: yogurt with frozen berries and agave syrup

Lunch: Burger King Crispy Chicken Sandwich, one or two onion rings

Dinner: Bison roast, asparagus, acorn squash with cultured pasture butter and raw honey. dried cranberries

Snack: dark chocolate raisins, and a little cherry chip gelato...shared with the little guy...

Analysis: so today was up and down. Or should I say down and up? Lunch was embarrassing. We were waiting for something and Burger King was the only thing around, but still, I should have chosen better. But dinner was ecstasy! The bison roast came out perfect - like prime rib! (I put it in a roasting bag with some chicken broth at 250-275ish degrees for 2 hours...) The squash was great - the little guy was begging for more! And I always like asparagus... The best part is that there is plenty of roast left over to eat later!

At the grocery store I looked around for raw cheeses - they had a bunch! I got two to try - they are expensive, but that will just mean that we will have to eat less of it, and/or learn to make our own. I wonder how hard that is???

I am excited about our meal plan this week - I'll be roasting a chicken again, and also cooking with fish stock for the first time. I'm not making it myself - the store didn't have any fish bones, but they did carry the fish stock already frozen. I thought, hey, for $3.99, its not worth the trouble to make my own! That is, of course, assuming they have not somehow screwed it up by, for example, pasteurizing it...I didn't check. I'm ordering my kefir grains and I can't wait to go to the farm and get some raw milk!

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