Monday, April 27, 2009

Sun & Mon April 25th & 26th

A smoothie of some sort
a piece of cake at a birthday party
3/4 of a strawberry at same birthday party...
Village Inn blintzes with strawberry sauce, bacon, and eggs
I am very sure there was more but I can't remember

Kefir smoothie with mango, acai berries, peach, banana, egg, honey
quesadillas on corn Ezekiel tortillas
beef and spinach ravioli in spaghetti sauce with shredded zucchini
sauteed baby portobello mushrooms
organic white cheddar popcorn
leftover pancakes and eggs from VI

OK, this every other day posting is clearly not good because I can't remember what I ate yesterday! I have been doing halfway decent I think. I know the Village Inn food doesn't seem good, but the blintzes were really very little pancake and mostly cottage cheese. I probably could have found something better to eat for a snack than pancakes just now, not that I should be eating at 11:30 at night, but I was hungry... I am glad to now have a clean kitchen and a clean oven and a full meal plan with food in the fridge to cook. Eating should continue to be better this week...


  1. Good for you. It is rarely fun to get back on the horse. (I've been to the gym twice this week... NOT FUN!)

    Your week is sure to improve with a clean kitchen and a meal plan. That sounds like good motivation to me.

    Keep chugging along, girlfriend!!!

  2. Good for you! You are motivating me to eat better!