Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming...

Sorry I've been a blog delinquent again! I have no real excuses...I've been sick, busy, and out of town again. The guilt has been mounding... I won't bore you with endless details, I'll just jump back into the swing of things.

Tues April 21st

Breakfast: nothing

Lunch: 2 grocery store beef tamales, raspberry green tea

Dinner: Paradise Bakery chicken artichoke panini, Caesar salad, and a chocolate chip cookie

Snack: a few leftover Mike and Ike candies from my drive back from Iowa City yesterday (yes, that means I ate the majority of the box yesterday...better than falling asleep behind the wheel and going into the opposing lane of traffic...)

Analysis: Clearly my good eating has fallen by the wayside. Last week was better because I actually cooked quite a bit. Until I spilled toffee in the bottom of my oven. (I was baking chocolate toffee matzoh in honor of Passover...so its all Michal's fault for giving me the recipe 5 years ago!) I haven't had a chance to run the self-clean cycle yet, but its on the docket for tomorrow. I'm scared...

Here's another thought - maybe I wouldn't be getting sick every 3 weeks if I would just quit eating sugar and go to bed at a decent hour??? What a concept...

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